Potential Donors

First things first, thank you for even considering donating life! The decision to donate any organ is a very serious one. The decision will take much thought and time to make and if you decide this may be something you want to do, all of the information of how to proceed with the process is below. One of the most important things to remember is that at ANY stage of testing to become a donor, you may back out. No one is locked in to any decision, even right up to the time of the transplant. Regardless of the decision you may reach, we are very grateful you even considered donating to Matthew.


Blood Type

The first step anyone who is considering donating is to figure out what your blood type is! If you already know then you are one step ahead, if not don’t worry as it is very easy to figure it out. There are many options out there today that make this process easy. Listed below are just a few.

    Blood Type Testing

  • Go to your primary care doctor or a local clinic to have a blood test done.
  • Donate Blood! When you go in to donate ask the staff if they can tell you what your blood type is.
  • Buy a blood type testing kit. These can usually be found at drug stores and are relatively cheap.

    Penn Medicine

    Once you determine what you blood type is, if you are either O+ or O- and between the ages of 21 and 60, then you meet the basic requirements to be evaluated by Penn Medicine. The next step is to download the Penn Medicine Kidney Living Donor Questionnaire which you can access by clicking the link. The questionnaire has all the directions on where to send or fax the forms when you are finished. After Penn Medicine receives them it is all in their hands. They will evaluate your forms and decide whether any further testing will occur. The doctors will contact you to explain the process and about all the tests that you may have to take.

    Matthew’s DOB for the questionnaire is January 21,1999.